As with any Xbox One games and accessories, there are a few standard features that all racing gamers appreciate. While the number of buttons, the design and the materials are generally variable from one brand to another, features such as compatibility need to be reliable in all brands.


The best Xbox one steering wheel with a shifter is always quick to use. Semi-automatic shifters are the ones with 2 paddles behind the steering wheel. They change gears up and down at a click of a button. Manual shifters are also included in some starter packs. But those who like them might also consider separate shifters to add to their gaming setup.


The best pc steering wheel might also be compatible with the xbox racing games and console. This is why many gamers prefer to save on their gaming gadgets by purchasing multi-platform accessories. Among them, it seems these accessories are the least versatile. But today, steering Xbox steering wheels might also work with PCs and PS4 consoles. Normally, they all plug-in via USB quickly.


A budget racing simulator might only come with limited rotation. This means that the wheel won’t rotate past the 270-degree mark. But even affordable Xbox racing wheels can come with pleasant surprises.

Gamers can choose racing accessories with 900-degree rotation. This offers much more freedom and a sense of real-world driving. For most games, this might even be too much. However, racing simulators such as Mud Runner certainly benefit from the added versatility.

Among various options, the following have been selected according to what gamers feel comfortable with. Some are simply budget options while others are realistic and compatible with more dedicated accessories.