This setup is among the PC steering wheel and pedals Xbox fans can use with dual purpose. At a 10” diameter, it doesn’t offer too much in terms of overall similarity with the size of a real car’s alternative. But it is more compact and better suited for small gaming desks.

Changing gear is also different. It is made with a manual stick gearbox which adds to the pleasure of driving. But the adjustability options don’t end here. Users also can set the sensitivity level of the pedals, which is another top option for those who simply want a custom driving experience. This gamers’ steering wheel is made according to what the users want, even if it’s more compact than expected.

This affordable release still includes customizable buttons and suction cup installation. Most importantly, it features a manual shifter.

  • Platform: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and Android
  • Pedals: Yes
  • Gearstick: Yes