Will the new generation of Switch still create sales myths?

According to Bloomberg, Nintendo’s new generation Nintendo Switch (hereinafter referred to as Switch) will be released in the next few weeks and will be available in September or October. In addition, the Entertainment Software Association said earlier that the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo will be held from June 12 to 15.

It is likely that the new Switch will be on display at E3.

The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a huge success for Nintendo.

On May 6 of this year, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite had sold 84.59 million units worldwide. In Time magazine’s “Top 10 Coolest Products of 2017”, the Switch topped the iPhone X list.

The Switch’s popularity is due to its innovative product format. Nintendo’s innovative design of a separate console on the Switch gives the Switch the possibility to become a “home console”.

At the same time, the many classic IPs of the old Nintendo family also helped a lot, with big IPs such as Super Mario: Odyssey and Fire Emblem Unlimited in the debut lineup, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild becoming a phenomenon, winning numerous awards.

The Switch is a successful product, but at the same time, the quality of its hardware has been controversial.

The first is the screen, the Switch uses a 720p 6.2-inch non-full lamination LCD display with a pixel density of 236 ppi, neither sharpness nor color performance is excellent.

The second is the battery life, the Switch has a 4310mAh battery, if you are on a journey and suddenly want to explore the kingdom of Helalu as Link, then after two or three hours, you will be forced to return to reality because of the lack of power.

If the above two problems are barely acceptable after adaptation, then the joystick drift problem is difficult to forgive.

All along, the Switch handle Joy-Con has been criticized by players because of the drift problem, after a long time of play, some Joy-Conk in the case of the player did not touch the joystick will also appear tilt drift situation.

So what will change in the upcoming release of the new Switch?

According to Bloomberg’s previous report, this year’s Switch will be equipped with a 7-inch 720p Samsung OLED screen, which not only has a larger screen size, but also is believed to improve the brightness and color performance of the new Switch.

In addition to a larger screen, the new Switch may also feature a newly designed case to make it more compact. In addition, the new Switch may also be equipped with a new Nvidia processor, supporting 4K Nintendo games for the first time.

And in terms of battery life and product quality, will the new Switch be improved? Look forward to its release.

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